Lino Cutting project – part 1

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Lino Cutting – Am I completely mad?

A complete beginner

I have always thought lino-cutting was a complete waste of time at school. I even got a B in GCSE art, however I don’t think I appreciated the printing making technique and process.

So here I am embarking on a new adventure of lino-cutting. I’m not even sure how in the last few weeks lino-cutting came to be on my radar, but there I was searching amazon, ebay and art supply stores, for equipment.

Being a graphic designer and using computers most of the time, there has been many doubts in my mind of why I would even do this? Why would I painstakingly carve away at a piece of lino, to simply make a print – when photoshop probably has an effect for that? However there is something special and satisfying about creating a design from scratch. (Well hopefully it will be satisfying)

IMAG0746 copy

The advice I was given was, start with something simple. And so I drew a bee. I’m now realising I have probably started with an image far to complicated and far too detailed. So watch this space over the next few weeks as I carve away at lino for the first time. If you don’t see updates on this post soon – then I am still carving!